Puzzle No. 367 : Nanro

Daily League PDF – Week 12.

I just felt like its a day for Nanro. I wanted to use 1×2 regions. A part of this puzzle may be tricky.

Rules – Write numbers in some cells of the grid. All numbers in a region must be the same. The given number in a region denotes how many cells in this region contain a number (all regions must have at least 1 number). Same numbers must not be orthogonally adjacent across region boundaries. Numbered cells must not cover an area of size 2×2 or larger. All numbered cells must form a single orthogonally continuous area..




4 comments on “Puzzle No. 367 : Nanro

  1. I certainly have not done many of those Nanros, but I thought your construction and the solution path were great! Thanks.


    • To both the above comments, I hope you tried the Nanro on my Zagreb Open set posted before this too, then. I really like the genre too, I’ve only heard of it recently (Puzzle Marathon on LMI). I feel it has a lot of potential and many different aspects to how the logic can be used. Here I just wanted to use the 1×2 region related aspects. I’m glad you both enjoyed that.

  2. nice logic and nice genre and i thought of making this type and now solving this one i think i should implement 🙂

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