Puzzle No. 344 – 346 : UKPA Open Tournament puzzles

I’d sent many more puzzles for the UK tournament, but the rounds were put together in a bit of a rush, so a lot of them will be used in future contests, I’m told. Anyway, the 3 that were used, 2 Snake variants, and a LITS are what I’m posting now. Its been a while since the Puzzle Booklets were released on the UK forum so most of you have probably seen these. Still, for the few who haven’t…

On a side note, I’ve been working on a few puzzle sets recently too. While a few of these might/might not make it here, one set in particular will sometime in the next week I think. So, something to look forward to.

Also, try out April Contest by Riad on LMI. Its tough, but there aren’t any time constraints, so one can solve the puzzles at their own pace purely for enjoyment.

Anyway, to the puzzles.

No. 344 – Horse Snake – Blacken some cells so that they form a single continuous path, one cell width (the snake), which head and tail are given. The snake cannot touch itself, even at a point. A clue in a cell corresponds to the number of snake cells (head and tail included) which can be reached in a knight step from this cell. There cannot be any snake segment on a cell containing a clue.










No. 345 – Slitherlink Snake – Draw a 1 cell-wide snake of unknown length, not touching itself even diagonally. Its head and tail are marked with circles. The snake cannot go through numbered cells. Numbers show the amount of cells occupied by the snake in the four neighboring cells.










No. 346 – LITS – Colour a shape of 4 orthogonally connected squares in each black bordered region so that all coloured squares form a single contiguous area. This area can’t contain any 2×2 coloured squares. Two identical shapes in different regions can’t touch eachother by a side. Rotations and reflections are considered the same shape.





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