Puzzle No. 341 : Consecutive Sudoku [Daily League]

This worked out nicely. Few spots might be tricky, but not much.

Rules for Sudoku. Additionally, All neighboring cells which contain consecutive digits are separated by white dots.











PS : I LOVE old comedy shows! (Nothing relevant, more of a “dear diary” moment)


3 comments on “Puzzle No. 341 : Consecutive Sudoku [Daily League]

    • I am sorry for the late reply to this, I didn’t get a notification of the comment for some reason. I think you are missing the rule that implies all dots are given, which means, where there isn’t a dot separating two cells, they must be non consecutive. R3C1 (row 3, column 1) contains a 7 after solving, so 6 cannot be in R4C1 without a white dot between R3C1 and R4C1.

      • Don’t worry, I’m perfectly aware of that rule, I love this kind of Sudoku. 😀

        Just.. now I actually see I’ve made a mistake somewhere else, whoops. Got a 7 and 9 confused somewhere, which’d explain why there is no 7 bordering the 5/6 spots, which made me get an ambiguous solution.

        Thanks for replying, though!

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