Puzzle No. 340 : Shakashaka

Firstly, if you haven’t yet, I’d highly recommend solving the wonderful Sudoku set authored by Richard Stolk on LMI, V2V (Variations to Variants), still open for participation over the weekend + Monday as usual.

I have a sudden new found obsession for solving and creating Shakashaka puzzles. I’m not sure how or why it started, but it has. So, I wrote 3 Shakashaka puzzles. Out of those, I decided to keep 2 in reserve for future, as I’m trying to do that a bit these days as it’ll help when there’s a bunch of competitions at once. This is the one I thought would least suit any form of competitive solving, and so this is the one that got the cut. I’m sure that while solving this one the reason for that will be obvious, and it is not related to quality.

As for difficulty, I’d say its on the easy side, but prepare for some tricky moments too as I’m horrible at determining difficulty of genres that I’ve just begun creating.


Rules for Shakashaka.





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