Puzzle No. 314 : Search 9 Sudoku [Daily League]

Daily League update :

Greater than Killer on Wednesday by Bastien.

Anti Knight Nonconsecutive on Thursday by Rishi.

Classic on Friday by Tom.

Quad Second on Saturday by Bram.

Magic Summer on Sunday by Kwaka.

Arrow by Fred yesterday.

And mine today below.

Also, week 7 PDF. Also, there were 2 fixes in last week’s pdf that I shared before the Zeka set post, so I’ve updated the link there.  (Particularly, the fixes were on the Odd Toroidal and the V-Day Sudokus).

Also, the daily league sudokus can now be solved on an online interface on the Sudokucup site one day later than they’re shared on our respective blogs. Thanks to Karel Tesař for setting this up. Its helped me out as well, as I’ve been particularly busy in the last few days.

Today’s sudoku is Search 9. The rules of this are the same version as the one contributed by Richard Stolk to the 3rd WPF Sudoku Grand Prix. I’m not extremely certain of its difficulty, but its certainly not easy.

Rules – Follow regular Sudoku rules. Additionally, each arrow points to the 9 in the respective row or column. The number in the cell with the arrow is the distance from the cell to the 9 in this row or column.




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