Puzzle No. 291 : Fillomino

Firstly, LMI Beginners Contest February starts in about 3 and half hours from now, and will go on for a week as always. This time, the variants are provided by me. I still need work on my Classic-writing skills though, so the Classics is by Deb. So anyway, the variants are an Extra Region Sudoku, an XV Sudoku, an Irregular 7×7 and a Frame Sudoku.

Next, Daily League update –

Odd Toroidal Sudoku by Bastien on Wednesday.

Anti Knight Sudoku by Rishi on Thursday (Also a Valentine’s day special).

A bit late, but Week 4 PDF.

I realized pretty late that, “hey, I should make a Valentine’s day puzzle!”, and rushed through this Fillomino. I realize this is the first Classic Fillomino I’ve posted here, but its not the first I’ve created. This one’s easy for the most part with some slightly tricky finishes. I’ve drawn a heart  for 2 consecutive years now. Next year I’ll try Cupid.

Rules for Fillomino.





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