Puzzle No. 290 : Untouch Sudoku [Daily League]

Daily League update – 

Friday – Odd Even Big Small by Tom.

Saturday – Battenburg Sudoku by Bram (a nice odd-even related variant).

Sunday – All Odd All Even with GT Sudoku by Kwaka. (Long name, but a really nice puzzle to solve)

Monday –  Blackout Sudokuro by Fred.

I am posting an Untouch Sudoku that I couldn’t use elsewhere. My skills with Classics and Classic look-alikes in Sudoku still leave a lot to be desired I think, but one can only get better with practice. This one is on the easy side of medium, which is a good thing as my last few contributions to the daily league have been difficult.

The more regular readers of this blog will be accustomed to other puzzle types, which I haven’t been posting much recently. I can assure you though, that most of the puzzle sets that I am writing right now will be posted here in a few months or so.

The 2nd World Sudoku GP was held at LMI this past weekend. I didn’t do too well, making 2 mistakes (One caught before time but not repairable) that cost me and dropped me down to a 20th. Not too disappointing, but not my best either. The things I liked about this GP are that the puzzle quality was absolutely superb and also that there are 2 Indians in the top 10 and 3 in the top 20. Not bad at all.


Rules – Follow regular Sudoku rules. Additionally, Cells with the same digits cannot touch even diagonally.





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