Puzzle No. 285-289 : Random College Test + Polish Online Qualifier

Daily League Update

A beautiful Classic Sudoku by Bastien on Wednesday.

A Trio Sudoku for the easy sprint enthusiasts by Rishi today (Thursday).

I’ve been working on many sets recently. One of these is the Polish Championship set. There is one offline qualifier round and one Online qualifier that have been released so far. The final Championships is yet to happen, in March I think. When I was approached for this, I started mainly for the final set, and discarded the easier ones for the offline qualifier. However, the decision to hold the online qualifier was a bit impromptu. They had a shortage of puzzles to hold this. Around the same time, one of my friends here in India approached me to make a set of some quick easy puzzles for a competition in his college. Also, they had apparently forgotten to use my big LITS in the offline round. So the big LITS and 3 out of these 5 were used in the Polish online qualifier as well, as the dates were just after the college offline competition. I won’t be posting the big LITS here as I worked on a theme for all the puzzles meant for the original set, whether they got on it or not, and I’d like to post them together after the final round is over. However, if you’re the impatient kind (like me), here and here are the two qualifiers with the remainder of my puzzles (and some others by other authors).

But anyway, if you can wait for the main themed set in full, here are the easy puzzles that were used in 2 separate events. I did rush a bit through these though.

P285 – Rules for Nurikabe.

P286 – Rules for Simple Loop – Draw a single closed loop passing through every cell in the grid, except the given black cells.

P287 – Rules for Star Battle.

P288 – Rules for Double Back.

P289 – Rules for Masyu.















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