Puzzle No. 283 : Masyu [Corral]

Daily League Week 4 Updates –

Friday – Diagonal Sudoku by Tom.

Saturday – Little Killer Diagonal Sudoku, Stefan’s first contribution to the league.

Also, Week 3 PDF.

Ok, so today’s puzzle. I’m still working on multiple sets, so these are gonna be the scraps for now. Of course, later on in the year, when the respective tournaments are over, I’ll post most of these sets. But for now, the easy 10x10s or rejects are probably the best I can do. This one’s an easy 10×10.

Anyway,  for today’s, follow regular Masyu rules. Additionally, the cells the loop does not pass through need to be orthogonally connected till they reach an edge of the grid (So its like a Corral, kinda. Hence the name).




By Prasanna Seshadri Posted in Easy, Masyu

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