Puzzle No. 278, 279 : An Irregular Sudoku and an Irregular Parquet

Daily League update :

Week 3 of the daily league has gone on smoothly. On a personal note, the variants have suited me a lot. I have been quite good in recent times on various sites when it comes to Diagonals and Irregulars and Killer is always a favorite. So this week has seen me get a few top times (so far!) and I’m quite happy with my solving here. My last post teased Bastien’s Diagonal. It is now available for solving here. Also available are an Irregular-Nonconsecutive combination sudoku by Rishi, and an Irregular Sudoku with a cool layout by Tom. For more details on how you can compete in the solving or contribute in the creating, do check out our facebook group.

Back to today’s post, I guess the Irregular fever has hit me too after the quality ones above. Mine’s not that challenging, probably on the easier side of a medium. It took me a long time to think of a puzzle type that might work nicely with irregular regions thats not already popular (else Heyawacky would’ve been an easy choice). Parquet is a genre by Naoki Inaba, although probably not under that name. It was brought to my attention by Bram when I was looking for regional variants for my LMI test last September, and I used it and liked creating it. I just thought it might be nice with Irregular regions too. It turned out easy, but I think it works well. Anyway, this very likely ends the double post series with the same variations. I hope people enjoyed it, I know some did 🙂

For 278 : Follow regular Sudoku rules. Instead of 3×3 boxes, there are 9-cell regions that must contain the digits 1-9.

For 279 : Follow Parquet rules. Instead of 2×2 areas, there are irregular areas of different sizes that are divided into two smaller areas, exactly one of which must be shaded.






2 comments on “Puzzle No. 278, 279 : An Irregular Sudoku and an Irregular Parquet

  1. Your recent series of puzzle variants has been great. This entry though (irregular parquet) was the weakest one though. Parquet is itself weak, and the irregular shapes actually made the whole thing easier because the shapes inevitably forced too many obvious 2x2s.

    Thanks for the effort though.


    • Thats true. To my knowledge all regional variants that can be done irregularly in puzzles, have already been done irregularly, if that makes sense. This was mainly my stubbornness of wanting an Irregular in there. I’m glad you enjoyed the series in general.

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