Puzzle No. 266,267 : A Palindrome Sudoku and a Palindrome Masyu

On a lot of fronts, its been a horrible start to the New Year for me so far.  However, one good thing stands out right now, and that is the start of “Champion Sudoku”. Basically, me and my fellow bloggers Rishi Puri, Tom Collyer, Fred Stalder, Seungjae Kwak , etc. (the list is growing but these are the 5 authors confirmed this week so far) have planned a series of Sudoku variants that will be released in a PDF at the week’s end. If you are interested in joining in with this project, either to solve along, or to contribute, or anything else, please get in touch, or else join our facebook group.

My turn was a Palindrome Sudoku that you see below. I find this one quite tricky and its been confirmed by most of the above top solvers as such. The Palindrome Masyu has a tricky bit in the middle too. So I’d rate both at a light hard maybe.

For 266 : Follow regular Sudoku rules. The numbers formed by the digits on the gray lines are palindromes, that is to say, they can be read equally in both directions.

For 267 : Follow regular Masyu rules, except that the circles aren’t given. Instead there are shaded areas. Every cell of these areas must contain a Masyu circle, black or white. Also, each distinct shaded area is a Palindrome, so a certain color circle on one end means the same color circle on the other end and so on.






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