Puzzle No. 264,265 : A Skyscraper Sudoku and a Skyscraper Pentomino

I have a new gmail id! I have updated my About the blog section with this and my facebook address. Not sure exactly why, but approachability is the vague reasoning I guess. I shall also soon add a few more links as my favorites. I’ve been meaning to do so for a loooong time, and should finally get around to that during the weekend.

I didn’t want to use the obvious Puzzle complement like a Fillomino Skyscrapers, or Tapa Skyscrapers, I wanted to try something new (at least, something I haven’t solved before). However, I liked the Tapa Skyscrapers idea as a base, so tried it on other genres. I eventually landed up on Pentominos. This seemed to work pretty well. The ending became a bit difficult but I think it goes smoothly enough.

As for the Sudoku, I was and still am pretty sad about needing the 4 digits :\ But overall I guess it worked out well. I think the difficulty is around medium.

For 264 : Follow regular Sudoku rules. Additionally, each number in the grid represents the height of the skyscraper in each cell. The digits outside the grid indicate the number of skyscrapers seen from the corresponding direction.

For 265 : Place 12 different pentominos in the grid (as shown in the bank). Rotations and reflections are allowed. Pentominos can’t touch each other even diagonally, and cannot be placed on cells marked with “x”. Numbers outside the grid show the number of separate shaded-cell segments visible in that direction. A segment of length n, is taken as a skyscraper of height n. Skyscrapers of length n can block visibility of other skyscrapers of length n and below (which obviously means length n can repeat in a row/column).








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