Puzzle no. 260, 261 : An Anti-Knight Sudoku and an Anti-Knight Yajilin

My 2nd Sudoku and a variant puzzle.

With the Sudoku I was trying for as less digits as possible in the middle columns, but I started creating by placing the 2 digits there. I wanted to keep it just to those 2, and it works out nicely. There’s no really hard step, but because of a narrow solve path, I’ll call it a medium.

The Yajilin is just a little variant I tried while thinking of a puzzle I can compliment this post with. The two types I thought of were Heyawake and Yajilin. I went with the latter as I’d posted a Heyawacky less than a week ago. It worked out well enough, and the variant forces quite a lot of the solve, so half the clues just had to be there as dud cells, and didn’t need to offer anymore information. I’m happy enough with how it turned out, and it should be pretty easy.

For 260 – Rules for Sudoku. Additionally, same digits cannot be a knight step (referring to chess) away from each other.

For 261 – Rules for Yajilin. Additional to filled cells not being adjacent, they also can’t be a knight step away from each other. The given gray cells are just numberless clues, and neither adjacency nor antiknight rules apply to them, its just that the loop cannot pass through these cells.





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