Puzzle No. 259 : Bosnian Road

This is just a placeholder actually. I’ll be posting a puzzle sometime in the next 24 hours again as a temporary come-out of my new 48 hour schedule.

This weekend is the Contest titled Best of LMI Puzzle Test, featuring 2 puzzles from numerous past LMI tests from Nikoli Selection to Akil Oyunlari Magazine Competition. You can also still vote (for about another 2 days) for your favorite LMI Sudoku and/or Puzzle tests of 2012 here.

Ok, back to today’s puzzle, or placeholder puzzle. I was just experimenting on a numberless Bosnian Road. Of course, such gimmicks might border on boring sometimes, but I feel this may be a good basic version of the puzzle, kinda like a Simple Loop that uses a no touching rule instead of “all cells must be filled” rule. Anyways, this one isn’t much in terms of difficulty or quality as I was just getting an idea of how things work.

Rules for Bosnian Road

Rated : Easy.





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