Puzzle No. 257 : Heyawacky

Happy New Year everyone! A year ago, on Jan 1st, I posted my first puzzle, a childishly easy, non-square grid Heyawacky. I had this target of putting up a puzzle a day since I had no clue how things would go. Now I know how things went and how they’ll go from here. Considering (Newspaper + blog + Contests), I wrote quite a lot of puzzles in my first year (roughly triple the blog number). It was maybe quantity above quality and by the end of the year, I must confess I burned out and pretty much lost the will to create any more half way into December.

So then, this year, I’ll mostly post like every 2nd day on the blog. That seems to be easy right now, so I’ll stick to it as far as I can. So anyway, full circle, and on the 1st Jan (well, its still 1st Jan in a lot of places even if its 2nd in India), I am posting another Heyawacky. Its highly probable that this one is slightly more challenging than last year’s 😉

Rules for Heyawacky.






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