Puzzle No. 238 : Norinori

Yea yea, I know I just posted a Norinori variant before this, but this one was a reject from my latest batch of newspaper puzzles from yesterday. It was rejected for being too hard for the target audience, but it is still around easy-ish to medium for the regular puzzle solvers in my opinion. I’ll resume posting again from here, hopefully. Following up from my non-puzzle post, I am finally fine.  Ignore the “P232” in the file name of the puzzle below, thats just my newspaper puzzle numbering which I’m too lazy to change.

Apparently the batch I’ll be sending now ends with the exact number as of this post. This shows I’ve fallen heavily behind on the blog as the year’s gone on. Well meh, I’m still pretty active all things considered. Right? Anyway,

Rules – Shade in some cells such that there are 2 shaded cells in every region and every shaded cell has exactly one shaded cell orthoganally adjacent to it.

I’ll categorize it at medium and follow my policy of lifting the Norinori difficulties.





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