Non-Puzzle Post : Birthdays and festivals!

I have been slightly unwell for the last 2 days and can’t get much done. The festival of Diwali has been celebrated in India this past week. I had an idea for a Diwali themed puzzle, but everyone will have to wait till next year’s Diwali to see that, as its weird to do it and post it tomorrow (which is the earliest I’ll be able to do anything) or later.

Also, today is the birthday of 3 people I know. Palmer Mebane, Hideaki Jo, and my dad, were all born on this day in different years. Since the latter one makes it of personal significance to me, I again wanted to theme a puzzle today, but its just not to be. :\ So, Happy birthday to all 3 of you.

I’ll resume posting when I’m fine again. In the meantime, you can check out Nikola Zivanovic’s LMI test Word Show, full of word-related puzzles. I’m not great with Word Puzzles. Well, to be honest, I hate them and I tend to not solve them on any test. But here I kinda couldn’t do that obviously. I solved the test, and I actually liked most of the puzzles. I’ll have to take up word puzzles more often..


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