Puzzle No. 237 : Norinori [Tilted]

I guess a common note with this variant would be that its highly restrictive compared to the original genre, but I still think (and hope) there’s enough here to make things flow nicely.  I had a lot of thought about the name, but couldn’t come up with anything good. After many suggestions by many of my puzzling friends, this was the one that won my vote.

This was supposed to be posted 6 hours ago, but I fell asleep mid-post 😐 Anyway, here it is now.

Rules – Shade some cells, so that every shaded cell has exactly one diagonally adjacent shaded cell, and this pair cannot touch another pair in any way (orthogonally or diagonally). Also, every thick outlined region contains exactly 2 shaded cells.

Rated : Medium I guess.




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