Puzzle No. 236 : Heyawacky [Untouch]

I think I’ve mentioned in some previous post that me and Deb co-authored a set for the 24 Hours Puzzle Championship. This Championship was held this weekend, and when I release the puzzles I welcome any feedback on it, including guessing who contributed what puzzle 😛 Anyway, the puzzles themselves will get released in due time, but for now, Congrats to Nikola Živanović for winning the competition this year.

To today’s puzzle then,

Follow regular Heyawacky rules. Additionally, regions having the same number of shaded cells can’t touch each other, even at a point.

Rated – Medium.



2 comments on “Puzzle No. 236 : Heyawacky [Untouch]

  1. Nice and involved opening. As usual it seems we think alike because that was basically the first thing I looked for.

    The way this post is worded it sounds like the puzzles have been posted already. Have they? I’d be very interested in that link.

    • Thanks. I guess if its to be kept numberless, this is the obvious route to take.

      And no they’re not yet. I worded it in a weird way as I was sleepy. I plan to release at least my half in a day or two though. Edit : Will be posted tonight.

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