Puzzle No. 234 : Myopic Yajilin

The November edition of LMI Beginners’ Sudoku Contest is here! Its started earlier today, and will go on for a week as is the norm. With last month’s format changes, you can submit the solutions any time over the week and still get half  the points at least. This time’s author is Fred Stalder, and its a really fun set including new variants like Outside and No Knight Step, in addition to Classics and 2 of last month’s variants, Toroidal and Consecutive.

To today’s puzzle, I think the Myopia clue-type can be used in many puzzles. I was thinking at first to create a Tapa variant with it, but I got another idea later which I wanted to use with Tapa. So that one will probably be up tomorrow. For now,

Follow regular Yajilin rules. Instead of the number-arrow clue structure,  the clues point in the directions (orthogonally as well as diagonally) where the shaded cells are closest.

Rated : Medium.




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