Puzzle No. 232 : Norinori

This weekend LMI hosts a Sudoku test called Fugitive Warrant authored by Seungjae Kwak and Hwangrae Lee. Its got a nice theme of criminals, a warrant, arrest, and even escape. Some really innovative variants like Jail Sudoku and Prison Break, and some familiar variants like Killer and Little Killer. There’s even a Classic thrown in there at the start. Having given the test I can say that it was quite enjoyable. The test is open for participation for more than 2 days from now.

Coming to today’s puzzle, I think its pretty obvious to any regular readers that I like this genre a lot. It was just as obvious to me in Croatia, that, at least a handful of people found the Norinoris on Borders & Beyond really tough.

The explanation seems to be that I’m possibly the only author currently who regularly creates and displays these without 2 cell regions, and therefore with slightly difficult openings. So, people who haven’t done my blog’s puzzles/the 4 that got printed in Akil Oyunlari Issue 78 (or maybe Nikoli publications’ puzzles) of this genre faced more difficulty at it than me or my test solvers(both of whom regularly tested my puzzles other than the LMI set) could foresee.

Anyway, here I wanted to stop using the L trimino for starts like I always do and I explored another probable start. The start itself isn’t much to figure out, but its a nice pattern and the rest worked out well enough, so here it is. Normally, I would be in 2 minds whether to rate it at medium, but based on past experience, I’ll give it a hard.

Rules – Shade in some cells such that there are 2 shaded cells in every region and every shaded cell has exactly one shaded cell orthoganally adjacent to it.




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