Puzzle No. 228-229 : I’m just a Perennial Passenger

Firstly, I’ve forgotten to share the link to the Beginners’ Contest October, which has some big format changes. We have introduced an extended time feature that allows submissions until 17th October even if the test is started now! Note though, that after the 40 minutes, submissions will get 50 % of the points per grid. There’s also Instant Grading, and all the changes are announced in detail in the forum. The  test page can be found here.

Now back to a week ago. This isn’t much of a write up as much as “I have 2 Passenger Battleships and had to use them in these linking write-ups somehow”

Anyway, after the WPC there were the departures. I had one companion, Indian teammate, Rakesh Rai, following the same route back home. We had a one day stay in Zagreb first. Newcastle United vs Manchester United was scheduled later in the day, so after some sight seeing, we found a random bar where the match was being screened, and I saw it with some random British fans on a random visit, which was fun. Then I joined in some random party early in the morning for a while, and thats about all that happened in Zagreb. The flight back, like the flight to, stopped for an hour at Budapest, and then only did we go to Doha.

Doha was just a place to relax all day, as the climate wouldn’t suit me and the hotel, food, etc. was great. A day there and we finally made it back to India. Next time in Beijing will be a lot more easier in terms of travel at least. 😛

The 2 Passenger Battleships are below. The first one is far too big a grid, the 2nd  one should be alright. While creating these I found 0 an annoying and unnecessary ship,  as you can’t use the sums to get it, you either have to pack it in and force it or put in a given 0. I chose the latter as I don’t have much idea about packing. Thats why I got the first grid’s size wrong too. Anyway ,

Rules – Locate 12 passenger ships(rectangles of size 1×3 cells) horizontally or vertically in the grid. Ships cannot touch each other, not even diagonally. There is a different number of passengers on each ship, from 0 to 11. Numbers outside the grid indicate the sum of passengers on the ships in the corresponding row/column. Numbers given in the grid represent the number of passengers on the ship occupying the corresponding cell.


4 comments on “Puzzle No. 228-229 : I’m just a Perennial Passenger

      • There’s been more puzzles based on sums with 0’s. Killer sudokus with 0’s. The Pills genre on crocopuzzle also uses 0’s. It makes the range bigger as more sums can be made this way.

  1. Yes, and I like Killer with 0s. But those are localized to cages, with the cages having more possibilities with their interaction with each other over the grid. Here, at most probably you’ll use the logic that you need to force the zero ship somewhere, so you need to pack in larger numbers to get the sums in that particular area. I think you won’t get as much variety as in a Killer with 0s or something similar, but I could be wrong of course. (not yet solved these in my “going back through the WPC puzzles” routine)

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