ChipIn for Children’s Charities

The title isn’t the only content here, but it is definitely the most important. This is a contest started by mathgrant on his blog here. Quite simply, it is an innovative contest where you can donate to 3 particular charities Grant has partnered with, and your donations will earn you a given number of entries into a prize raffle of the particular charity you donate to. There is also the matter of Grant offering to upload huge puzzles each time the donation amount crosses a landmark. Hopefully he is forced to write big puzzles up to 606 😉

Ok, so the secondary stuff –

1. My Croatian visa is done and it has finally sunk in that… I don’t know what to expect!

2. I won’t be making any blog posts till I return from the WPC. That’ll be around the 11th of October. I thought I could simultaneously manage the blog and practice for WPC, but turns out I can’t. I can’t make any promises but I’ll mostly be uploading multiple puzzles upon my return, around 11th October.




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