Puzzle No. 211 : Tapa/Yajilin, and Announcement – Borders & Beyond!

Firstly, I can now announce that I will be authoring an LMI puzzle test for the first time. The contest, called Borders & Beyond, features puzzle types where the grid is divided by borders in some way. I could just call it Regional variations but then I think the borders tag is more apt for puzzles like Parquet, etc. Anyway, this test will be held from September 15th-17th. The link for discussion is here. The test page is here. I encourage all puzzle enthusiasts to participate, especially if you’ve taken a liking to the puzzles on this blog.

Coming to today’s puzzle, this was also done on the week’s trip like the previous 3, I’m just posting it separately because its a first time hybrid and I wanted it to have its own space. So anyway, I was thinking about Mad Max Tapa in a TVC this year and I thought, why not a Yajilin mix. I’m sure people must have thought this before, and maybe even tried it, and maybe even been successful. But if they have I haven’t seen that and I’d love to see any existent work. It seems an interesting combination.

Below, there are 2 puzzles. They both have very similar solutions. The 2nd one below is actually the original. I then decided to modify it to exclude the red clues part. The resultant puzzle is the first one. The first one is rated easy. The 2nd one is rated hard. To really make it challenging, try to just consider red clues as clues without the anti-tapa restriction given below. i.e. they only function in the yajilin part and nothing else.

Rules – Shade in some cells to form a continuous wall. Unshaded cells cannot be orthogonally adjacent(an unshaded cell can be adjacent to a clue cell, even though a clue cell can’t be shaded). No 2×2 group of cells can be fully shaded. The clues have a double function. The Yajilin part, which gives number of unshaded cells in the direction of the arrow. And the Tapa/anti-Tapa part – The black clues mean that there is at least one block of cells of that number around that clue cell(there can be other blocks of different numbers too. e.g. a “3” clue can function as a 3-2 or a 3-1-1 or a 3-3 of regular Tapa). The red clues mean that that a block of that number of cells cannot exist around that clue cell.

If you do not like the grey clue layout, you can use a white fill clue layout here and here.


Puzzle No. 211 V-1

Puzzle No. 211 V-2

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