Puzzle No. 200 : Domino Loop [Marathon]

Did I really make a Marathon of a new hybrid? (Well at least new to this blog, and there’s a good chance that name’s been used elsewhere too, but I’ll stick with it till someone says so 😛 )

Anyway, quite many competitions this weekend.

1. USPC – This one, messed up bad. Long story short, I didn’t realize the test had started until there were just 50 minutes remaining. I submitted what little I could, and just couldn’t finish the Gapped Kakuro in time. I’ll be solving the rest of them later today sometime.

Also, Congrats to Thomas Snyder for winning his 6th title.

2. UKPC – I was just tired I think. Not at all happy with my performance. But, anyway, figured out a few of the new puzzle types on the spot so moderately satisfied with that. This one’s still going on btw. You can still participate for a day or so I think.

3. LMI Killer Shootout – This one’s complicated. I’m happy and not happy with how I did at the same time. Anyway, this one’s still going on too. Whole of Monday and Tuesday too.

Now back to the puzzle. I took a long time deciding what type I wanted to do for this one. Thats why, the few days delay in between 199 and 200. I finally settled on this, and I hope its fun. Its kind of a cross over between Norinori and Country Road.

Rules – Shade in some cells such that every region has 2 shaded cells and every shaded cell has exactly one shaded cell orthogonally adjacent to it. Additionally, draw a loop passing through all the remaining cells and passing through every region exactly once.

Rated : Marathon.


Puzzle No. 200

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