Puzzle No. 198 : Transparent Tapa [Formerly Tapa Mosaic]

The last 4 times I’ve uploaded these, they were under the name “Tapa Mosaic“. Then Serkan told me that name’s already in use. So I’ve changed it to Transparent, or conceptually transparent clues Tapa. I hope thats fine, and not in use as well 😛 If it is, I shall rename it Controversial Tapa. I promise.

Anyway, naming crisis aside, this is one of 3 puzzles I’d sent over to the UKPA for the UK Puzzle Championship(which is open to participants from all countries, and should be a quality contest). As it was the first time I’d contributed for a National Championship, I really didn’t have a good idea of the difficulty required, and that showed. So, out of the 3 I sent, only the Regional Yajilin (under the name Heyajilin) got selected. I see no point in keeping the others lying around, and as I am again short on time with all the visa troubles, I thought I’ll while away 2 days with these.

Rules for the newly named Transparent Tapa – All classic Tapa rules apply, except that even the clue cells can(not a necessity) be part of the Tapa wall. e.g. a “5″ clue can make a “X” shaped pentomino across the 9 cells it is in the middle of, but not a “P” shaped one. The “?” clue means the clue can be any non-zero digit and will be determined during the solve.

Rated : Hard.


Puzzle No. 198


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