Puzzle No. 196 and 197 : Bosnian Road, Tapa

Update : I was all ready to post this last night, but wordpress bailed on me again. Even now I had to go back to the base html to make the upload and post. Bah. 

Its been a mad few days. I am already exhausted with a hectic weekend ahead 😐 Anyway, I’ll upload whatever I can. I made these 2 quickly yesterday but as I said in the non-puzzle post earlier, there’s been a problem with wordpress.

Rated : Around easy and medium.

Rules for Bosnian Road – Draw a continuous snake-like loop of one-cell width, that does not touch itself, even diagonally. It does not go through clue cells. The clues indicate how many of the 8(or less for edges and corners) cells around the clue cell the loop passes through. This does not necessarily imply that all these cells have to be passed through at once, they can be broken up too(I guess you can think of them as Minesweeper-like clues).

Rules for Tapa.


Puzzle No. 196

Puzzle No. 197

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