Puzzle No. 182, 183 : Masyu, Tapa

I’m done with almost all the other-place puzzles, so figured I’d start posting again here. I didn’t know what to return with, so nothing fancy, just two average puzzles I felt like doing. I’ll just ease back in with the familiar types while I get back to the normal frequency 😛

Anyway, the first LMI Beginners’ Contest just got over. It had some excellent participation stats with 315+ participants out of which around 200 were Indians. The next Beginners’ Contest shall be announced soon in August, so watch out for that. The next LMI test on the schedule though, is this weekend, Classics vs Innovatives. This features some really interesting new Sudoku Variants along with some familiar ones. I suggest even the participants who were new to the Beginners’ Contest can do this, since I figure you can target the one Classic Sudoku as well as the familiar variants in the 2 hour duration.

Now to the puzzles. Like I said, nothing fancy. I give both a rating of around or just under medium.


P182 Rules for Masyu.

Puzzle No. 182












P183Rules for Tapa.

Puzzle No. 183


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