Puzzle No. 181 : Tapa [Clueless Clusters]

Sudoclones is over, but my bad run isn’t. The grids of Sudoclones were very enjoyable, with a difficult theme carried out quite impressively. My favorite was the Little Killer, though I wasn’t able to solve during the contest.

Now, the next LMI monthly test is this weekend itself, and it is a similar theme, as it coincidentally happens that two authors thought of it simultaneously. Richard Stolk’s Copy-Paste features pairs of grids with the same givens that solve differently. So, if you missed Sudoclones but really would’ve enjoyed such a theme, this is for you. If you played Sudoclones and inevitably liked it, this is for you.

Today’s puzzle is a Tapa variant. I have once again successfully made a variant I don’t really know what to name and therefore called it the third name I came up with O.o

Follow Tapa Rules. Additionally, the cells that are not part of the wall, and not clue cells, must have at least one other such cell horizontally or vertically adjacent to them. i.e. there can be no isolated non-wall+non-clue cell.

Rated : Medium.


Puzzle No. 181



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