Puzzle No. 180 : Yajilin/Battleships

First of all I shall bore you with all the contests that are happening/coming soon.

1. Sudoclones on LMI : Going on now. Authored by Sylvain Caudmont.  A bunch of sudokus where the givens are cloned but the solves shall be different. Fun eh? This marks the first time I haven’t given a contest the minute its been there to give. There is in fact one more day remaining, so like me, if anyone hasn’t found time till now, go on and compete 😉

2.  Times Sudoku Championship : Shall go on over the month of July, for all Indians, with regional rounds in 4 cities in India, except the Bangalore one got over today. But since it came on the TOI, you don’t need my blog telling you that hopefully. I’m not sure yet about the finals, but the Mumbai round shall be very interesting and competitive, and I hope I can get through it to the finals.

3. ??? : Coming later this year. You know nothing about it. You shall know nothing more about it. Except that it is one of the reasons I haven’t been able to post as regularly here(with due apologies again).

Today’s puzzle was made 2-3 days back but I never got time to get it tested and posted. Its a good thing I did wait to get it tested, as it had a slight uniqueness issue I had missed.

Rules for Yajilin. Instead of just filling in isolated cells according to the clues, there’s a fleet of ships given(well, more like a shape bank here since I don’t think you’ve seen some of these ships in regular Battleships) which have to be placed in the grid to form the cells the loop does not pass through.  These shapes cannot touch each other even diagonally, but can be rotated/reflected before being used in the grid.

Rated : Hard due to the start, almost easy after that though.


Puzzle No. 180



3 comments on “Puzzle No. 180 : Yajilin/Battleships

    • Coz 13×13 is my favourite dimension of course 😀 I love getting lost in big puzzles and I can only hope most puzzle enthusiasts, by definition, feel that way.

      Ok the real reason is I am forced to scale down to that for my newspaper publishers due to the target audience and I like expressing myself here.

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