Puzzle No. 179 : Bosnian Road/Masyu

I created this while I was waiting for a chat reply on facebook O.o and I messed up the dimensions in the process of putting it from my brain to my notebook. After making it, it seemed a waste not to put it up anyway, so here it is. Enjoy it like you would enjoy any conventional puzzles or it’ll feel left out and sue you for dimensional discrimination.

Rules for Bosnian Road – Draw a continuous snake-like loop of one-cell width, that does not touch itself, even diagonally. It does not go through clue cells. The clues indicate how many of the 8(or less for edges and corners) cells around the clue cell the loop passes through. This does not necessarily imply that all these cells have to be passed through at once, they can be broken up too(I guess you can think of them as Minesweeper-like clues).

Additionally, there are black and white circles that determine the turns of the loop using Masyu rules.

Rated : Easy-ish.


Puzzle No. 179



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