Puzzle No. 176 : Yajilin/Nurikabe something

I’m shocked I was able to make something today. Its a bit too much to expect me to think of a name too. Bah. Anyway,

Rules for below puzzle – The numbers specify the size of islands that contain them. These islands cannot touch other islands horizontally or vertically. The remaining cells must all be connected to form a single closed loop that passes through each empty cell once. Just to clarify, there is no 2×2 rule here unlike Nurikabe, and the loop can pass through 2×2 groups of cells too.

Rated : Probable medium for a first time.


Puzzle No. 176



2 comments on “Puzzle No. 176 : Yajilin/Nurikabe something

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  2. After solving the 12-8-2012 puzzle and then this made me to solve faster. this is again a nice one. 🙂 But easier than that.

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