Puzzle No. 175 : Bosnian Road [Double Back]

Sorry about the lack of puzzle for a day. I guess the busy year just never stops piling up on me. I’ll keep trying my very best though 😛

Today’s puzzle is a variation using 2 puzzles I’ve never created before, and not solved much of either, so I don’t really know how good it is O.o But I’ll carry on with the post as if I know my stuff anyway..

I got introduced to the Bosnian Road puzzle type by Murat Can Tonta. He thinks its a glorified slitherlink(in a good way though). I think its a fun puzzle anyway, with a bit more possibilities. I’m still in that weird mode where I just want to do hybrids and variations. So I did a variation inspired by Palmer’s Double Back without the need for all cells to be visited of course, and I’ll save the colors for when I make a standalone Double Back 😛

Rules for Bosnian Road –  Draw a continuous snake-like loop of one-cell width, that does not touch itself, even diagonally. The clues indicate how many of the 8(or less for edges and corners) cells around the clue cell the loop passes through. This does not necessarily imply that all these cells have to be passed through at once, they can be broken up too(I guess you can think of them as  Minesweeper-like clues).

Additionally, the loop must visit every thickly outlined region exactly twice.

Rated : Medium.


Puzzle No. 175


3 comments on “Puzzle No. 175 : Bosnian Road [Double Back]

  1. You probably want to clarify this is a snake-like loop (one cell wide) and not a path-like loop (connecting centres of cells). It helps in solving a lot.

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