Puzzle No. 174 : Nurikabe [Curve Data]

Hah. Wacky hybrid. What else did you expect? 😛 Lets see.. I created this on a whim, the alternative being you wouldn’t have had a puzzle for today.

Seven Samurais is drawing to a close at LMI, and I’ve continued my incredibly poor run. Not even going into details, but yea, its just getting worse and worse. I’ll just have to believe in “gotta make something worse before it becomes good” thingy and keep trying I guess.

For today’s puzzle, you will require the rules of Curve Data  which is taken from Ko Okamoto(xevs)’s LMI test No Numbers.

Curve Data rules – Make some figures by drawing lines through the center of cells so that each figure goes through just one clue. All cells are visited by lines. A clue shows how the line passing through it turns and connects with itself, without any rotation or reflection. However, the clue does not specify length of each straight segment of the line in any way.

Rules for Nurikabe. Follow these rules, with the stream part being determined using curve data rules, except of course the part where all cells are visited by lines, since the islands will obviously take up their share. The 2×2 rule of Nurikabe still stands. The red parts indicate that that cell is part of that segment or joint of the clue.

Rated : Hard because of unfamiliarity and a bit of requirement of instinct.


Puzzle No. 174



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