Puzzle No. 169: Yajisan Kazusan[Cipher]

I made this one 5 hours earlier. Took some time to reproduce on the computer, and a lot more time since I was adamant about getting it tested before putting it up, since it’d be kind of an anti-climax to make a broken puzzle as my returning one after a break 😛

Rules for Yajisan Kazusan.

Additionally, all numbers are replaced by letters. Each letter equals a different number, except C and I which are repeats. C = either S or Y, I = either H or R.  Determining all this is part of the puzzle, but some letters may remain undetermined as long as the rest of the rules are followed. The double arrows mean that the sum of shaded cells in both directions is considered in case the clue cell is true.

Rated : Hard, not sure though.


Puzzle No. 169


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