A bit about the Indian Puzzle Championship, and Puzzle No. 168 : Nurikabe

Time for a big write up about IPC… or not. I’ve decided I won’t whine about my errors(well not all of them anyway), which takes up about 30 % of my IPC 2012 experience. So a short write up. With points too. Yeah.

1. The puzzles were awesome. My favorites were Tapa Borders, Colored Star Battle, Liar Slitherlink, Gapped Kakuro, Snake.

2. The first 2 puzzles I did, I repeated letters and got an error just as I was finishing the grid. Set the tone.

3. Rohan was efficient as ever. However, by his own admission, he struggled a bit in some places.

4. Amit was out of practice and still made it to 3rd.

5. Here are the official final results.

So to summarize, the top 3 were all below par and still have decent rankings in the unofficial worldwide page. I’ve only been doing this since 2010, so I’m the most inexperienced among the top 4 but even I can see this is one of the strongest Indian puzzle teams in recent times, and I see that being the general opinion. Sad for Swaroop to miss out by just 10 points, and sad for Rajesh to miss out after making the team for so many years consecutively. Regarding Rajesh, I’ve only been to one WC with him, and I already understand what Rohan means when he says we’ll miss his experience. But I think we have a strong team, and we should give a strong showing in Croatia this year.

Now, to the puzzle. I took the time to wait and get this tested and I’m glad I did because I’d missed something pretty obvious. Not that its relevant to anything, but this is the 250th puzzle I’ve created since starting to create puzzles on 23rd December 2011.  Maybe I’ll reach the 500 mark by the end of the year, since there’s a lot more pending 😛 Nice stat to know.

Rules for Nurikabe.

Rated : Just about hard, again considering I’ve invited newcomers here.


Puzzle No. 168


2 comments on “A bit about the Indian Puzzle Championship, and Puzzle No. 168 : Nurikabe

  1. I am not quick with hard puzzles. But this one got solved very quickly. I just made few assumptions by looking at the big numbers and it turned out to be correct.
    I like Nurikabe very much. This one is designed very well.


  2. I too will miss Team India this year, but I will definitely will be helping Indian Team to put the best ever show in WPC by creating puzzle to help Team India practice. We definitely have very strong team. Best of luck for WPC.

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