Puzzle No. 167 : Heyawacky

I’m baaack!!

So IPC wasn’t exactly how I wanted it to be. I could go on and on but long story short, I made a bundle of errors, made a huge mess of the whole thing, and ended up 2nd by a huge margin. I won’t release the scores and such now since there’s still time for the rest of the world to participate in the next few hours, but anyway, I’m just about beginning to grasp that 2nd’s pretty good too ^_^ for now anyway. Congratulations to Rohan Rao. Haven’t I said that enough times in life? 😛 But seriously man, good show. Also congrats to Amit and Rakesh for 3rd and 4th. Team India’s gonna rock this year 😛 More on that later..

I have also apparently passed my first year of post graduation. This is the same exam where I passed out within 20 minutes on one of the days. So considering most of my batchmates have unfortunately not been able to clear, I’m… still in shock about passing.

To the puzzle now.

Rules for Heyawacky.

Rated : Now normally I might have been in two minds, but since I’ve encouraged a lot of the newcomers from the IPC to come and try the easy puzzles here, I’ll keep this at medium.

Puzzle No. 167


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