Just a final review.

Unfortunately, I’m gonna have to scratch the idea of a 3rd batch of puzzles. I’ve had a late start to the day, and I just don’t think I’ll be able to find time in the next hour or so I’m home before I head out to Rohan’s place for a little get together(yeah, 2 days before facing off in IPC, thats what happens when your big rival is your close friend 😛 ).

So firstly, Happy Birthday Mom!

Secondly, I just thought I’d give you a bunch of links, because apparently, and mostly intentionally, all the wonderful foreign authors who’s blogs I follow have also decided to put up puzzle types that are in the IPC IB downloadable here.

So,  in addition to my previous posts, and Swaroop’s post, you have newly made puzzles as follows –

Liar Slitherlink by Palmer Mebane.

Skyscrapers by Tom Collyer.

TomTom by Thomas Snyder.

 Gapped Kakuro by Serkan Yurekli.

If you search enough on these blogs, you’ll mostly find other quality puzzles you can use for practice too.

So anyway, this is my last post till Sunday, so all the best to all of you competing, and of course to me too 😛 See you on the other side of the competition. Cheers!


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