I never lie.. or do I? (IPC Practice puzzles) (Part 2!)

I promised a liar slitherlink, so I haven’t lied there, but I’ve given you 10 clues that lie, so haven’t I lied there? So am I a liar or not? I can guarantee you this slitherlink is anyway.

So after that embarrassingly lame opening, I’ll again link to the Indian Puzzle Championship and tell you you’ll get a better idea if you refer to the examples and rules there of what exactly I’m giving you here.

Regarding yesterday’s as well as today’s and possibly tomorrow’s puzzles, since many of you solvers practicing will probably be newcomers, I’m giving my mail id where you can send any doubts, help requests, solutions etc. – bimbimbong@yahoo.co.in

Again, there were supposed to be more/better puzzles today, but I was busy making a deadline for my publishers, so had to create 3 for that. And then I messed up the graphics of the triangular As Easy As ABC. I may/may not have a part 3 up because of this.

Now, to the puzzles!

Liar Slitherlink

Draw a single continuous loop along the dotted vertical or horizontal line segments. Crossovers or branches are not allowed. Clues given inside the cell indicate the count of line segments surrounding that cell, that are part of the loop. Exactly one clue in each row and each column is false. It is part of solving to determine the liar clues.











Masyu No Touch

Draw a single closed loop using horizontal and vertical segments. It does not cross or overlap itself, and it may not visit all cells. The loop makes 90o turn at every cell with a black circle, but does not make a turn immediately before or after. The loop goes straight at every cell with a white circle, but makes a 90 degree turn immediately before or after or both. Cells unvisited by the loop cannot be
orthogonally adjacent to each other.

I made 2 puzzles of this type, simply because I said “Oops” after the first one.



2 comments on “I never lie.. or do I? (IPC Practice puzzles) (Part 2!)

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  2. Solved these puzzles. Looking at these puzzles, I can say that you have mastered the art of creating puzzles. Do keep it up.
    Liar Slitherlink was very good puzzle. Took me some time to open it. Even after opening, I have to struggle to find the correct path. It took me around 19 mins to solve this one.
    Masyu No Touch were easier puzzles.

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