Non-Puzzle post : On a personal note…

First of all, I can confirm that I won’t be making a Matchmaker puzzle of my own. But not to worry, you have two good ones, one that I’d rate at easy and would be nice for starters, by Swaroop, here. The other’s by Para, which I’d say would be closer to the actual test’s difficulty, and you can find that here.

Now to why I’m not making a Matchmaker, when I’ve literally broken all limits of perseverance to squeeze the others out(just ask my test solvers of the Curve Data and the No Numbers Loop 😛 ). Well, that sentence itself is partly the reason. Between giving competitive contests, creating puzzles for the blog, creating puzzles for the newspaper, doing other little jobs, hanging out with friends probably more than I should given my workload, etc. I have literally been pushing myself too much. I’ve skipped meals and not realized it, skipped sleep and not realized it, just to keep getting things done. I’m looking forward to taking just a bit of a breather, after the No Numbers test I’ll take the weekend off to be refreshed for the Indian Puzzle Championship coming soon(more on that later, but you can see the forum here for announcements regarding the same). I’ll still be solving Sudokus since I barely get tensed up and stuff while doing that(for my mindoku friends 😉 )

Anyway, its been nice making the practice puzzles and I really hope they helped. I’ll resume posting my usual puzzles either tomorrow or Saturday( yea I know I talked about breather, but I actually have a few in reserve to keep it going 😛 ),  but I can promise that some of these types will re-appear on my blog in future, and thats why I’ve made separate categories for them. Especially Trio Cut, It’s Yours, No Numbers Field and Loop(with lesser figures to avoid/lesser orientations mostly).

That’s all folks!


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