Puzzle No. 157 : Norinori

The UKPA have started something that I’m very much in favor of. Its called “Beginner’s Contests” and will apparently be a monthly puzzle contest, with numerous puzzles of just 2-3 different types. This contest is mainly for the newcomers, as there is no time limit for submissions. The puzzles won’t be completely trivial, but you have a full month basically to solve puzzles at leisure. There’s something for the experienced solvers too, you can maintain a competitive edge by submitting in usual contest speed, and then seeing where you stand in the results.

The first test is authored by Tom Collyer, and the test page, with IB, link for submissions, puzzle booklet, can be found here. It features Nurikabe, Slitherlink and Shikaku.  I’d like newcomers among Indians to give this a try too.

Anyway, to today’s puzzle now.

Rules for Norinori.

Rated : Medium, but on the easy side.


Puzzle No. 157



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