Puzzle No. 155 : Masyu

I can officially say, I am back to posting daily from today onwards. Therefore, I feel entitled to bore you a bit.

Today, I was finally looking at some level of free time ahead, well at least enough to get back to the blog, and do a few other things. Then, out of the blue, I went with 2 of my friends to see an IPL(Cricket) game. I’ll spare you the details of how exactly this came about, but I assure you that the “out of the blue” part is not just there as a lame <Mumbai’s blue jersey> reference pun. So anyway, I was extremely tired and looking to somewhat of a rest day, so this thing kinda threw all those plans away.

After the game, on the way back, I reflected(been reflecting a lot lately) on the fact that I really really wanted to get back to the daily puzzle thing. So, I decided to challenge myself. Knowing I would be tired once I got home(quite a good prediction, I can barely type!), I tried making a puzzle simply in my head. Now while this means I couldn’t get the usual symmetry going, I’m still ok with the layout. I then noted down some of the clue cells and just copied them into the laptop now, and I’m proud to say, it worked! You have yourselves a Masyu puzzle. And I’ve finally ended a story well!

Rules for Masyu.

Rated : Medium.


Puzzle No. 155




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