Non-Puzzle Post : Woohoo!

3 things have happened.

1. My regular readers will know that a few weeks back I had a 2 day gap from posting here because I was trying a specific puzzle type and layout that weren’t working out. I tried it again yesterday, and it still didn’t work out. But I will still try it again later. Now I’ve built it up so much that if and when I do make this puzzle, its mostly gonna fall below expectations.

Right about now, you’re probably wondering what the woohoo’s for. You’ll know after moving to 2 and 3. 😛

2. I got my first Akil Oyunlari magazine, and I’m very very excited about it. I’m even more excited about being one of the authors in future issues ^_^

3. I’ve finally received my first salary from my newspaper publishers! (my dad told me its not a salary, its a fee, but its mine so I think I’ll call it what I want 😛 ) I would like to take a moment to thank the wonderful folk at life-365 again.

I actually created 6 puzzles yesterday for that newspaper, and then only got to the mystery puzzle mentioned above. This is why when I failed to get it right, I thought I’d done enough for the day and should take a bit of a break. So possibly tonight, or tomorrow, I’ll resume posting as usual. Until then, Woohoo! 😛



One comment on “Non-Puzzle Post : Woohoo!

  1. Congrats on getting you salary from your hobby. There is one saying if you are able to make profession out of your hobby you don’t have to work any day in your life.
    Best of you luck for your future.

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