Non-puzzle post : Anyone else ever have a “wrong notebook” problem?

So, I have two notepads for creating puzzles. One’s a small one, that is old and I use it for the smaller puzzles, just to use it up more than anything. I mainly use that for the 10x10s that I submit for the newspaper. The other note is a big one where I can make the big sizes I like to make for the blog most times. So today, in the midst of all that happened, the only time I had to create anything was while waiting for a doctor’s appointment, and for some reason I had grabbed the wrong notebook! So I’ve created 3 puzzles in advance for the newspaper thing, while the blog readers will unfortunately have to wait a day, as I am far too tired now. Sorry about that.

Anyway, two big things happened, for anyone interested in my boring old personal life. One being, I cleaned my room. Now, even those who know me closely don’t know just how deep the meaning of that simple sentence is. For one thing, I have a good bid towards being the most unorganized and messy fellow in the world. For another thing, there are certain little things that I keep stored away, that remind me of some moments of the past. I just like to keep these, not because I’ll see them frequently but because, on the rare occasion I do build up the courage required to battle my own untidiness, I like to be reminded of these things to make the whole experience more fun. So.. thats a big deal. (Yes, I suck at ending narratives, already noted)

The second big thing is more related to puzzles. I finally went and purchased a printer! So obviously, now I have new ways and a new gadget to mess up future competitions. Nice eh?


3 comments on “Non-puzzle post : Anyone else ever have a “wrong notebook” problem?

  1. Nice to know that you cleaned your room and bought printer. Best of luck for your future competitions. Also best of luck for National Puzzle Championship which is coming near.

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