Puzzle No. 148 : Country Road

Update : Same as my last Country Road, I use Nikoli rules where all rooms are visited. I had previously linked to rules of Melon’s version by mistake where that is not necessarily the case. Apologies.

I’ve uploaded a tips page for yesterday’s puzzle since it turns out it had a little non-logical part in its solve. I think the Heyawacky a few puzzles before that might be a bigger mess, so if anyone wants me to upload a revealing tip for that I’ll gladly do so.

Also, I may/may not make a special puzzle for the 150th. Not sure if I’ll have the time, since I’ve got the unpleasant and time consuming task of clearing my room and searching for certain things. Anyway, for one thing, I’ve never really thought of 150 as a big milestone, not in cricket anyway 😛 (yes, random), and for another thing, the constant 13×13 challenging puzzles have made up for that, right?

Rules for Country Road.

Rated : Hard me thinks. But then I’m still a bit raw on solving these, so not sure.


Puzzle No. 148


4 comments on “Puzzle No. 148 : Country Road

  1. I love the puzzle, great work. But I think there is some uniqueness issue with the middle right horizontal 6-area and the two 1-areas below and above. This issue is gone if you demand that every area is visited as in nikoli rules. But the ruleset you linked is from mellon’s blog and he does not require it.

  2. Probably shouldn’t be rated hard, but very pleasant. Clearing all of the bottom right in one fell swoop leaves you feeling all accomplished and stuff.

    While not required, it also prompted me to think of the application of parity constraints in this type of puzzle, and I think I’ve added to my arsenal for the type as a result. So thanks for that too.

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