Puzzle No. 146, 147 : Nori-kabe(?), Masyajilin(?)

Update : For Puzzle 147, a link that goes to a post with a partial solution, a solving tip at the most difficult point, and Mellow Melon’s  suggestion for a more logically solvable version has been added. 

Right then. Firstly, I know that technically I promised at least one puzzle and technically the time I promised it was for yesterday according to India time. But then, technically, you have 4 puzzles worth of thinking here, so technically, I’m fed up of using the word “technically”.

Anyway, I was basically as lost as that sentence and any of you who have been waiting for this have Tejal Phatak to thank for making me see the clock and get these done(albeit unintentionally).

Coming to the puzzles.

Rated : Somewhere between medium and hard the two of them.

Puzzle No. 146 :

Rules : Shade in some cells such that every region contains exactly two shaded cells, and every shaded cell shares an edge with exactly one other shaded cell. Additionally, all the unshaded cells must form a Nurikabe like wall. i.e. a continuous wall with no 2×2 regions.

Puzzle No. 146












Puzzle No. 147 :

Follow Masyu rules.

Follow Yajilin rules.

All Masyu circles are part of the loop.

Click here for partial solution, tip and more. Password – 147


Puzzle No. 147


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