No puzzle today. Don’t worry, this means I’ll put 2 up tomorrow, I’m just all wrong after getting burnt up in the heat again. Also, my publishers and I have now agreed upon a bulk send every 3-4 days, and I used up my remaining “creation energy” or whatever on the 3 because today was a sending-day.

Anyway, this week, finally my exams get over. Finally I can get some free time to do the things I’ve been putting off… which basically means I’ll be busy even in my “free time” for a while 😛

Oh yea, and for those non-LMI-member readers of this blog(there are a few of those surprisingly), you may remember me being the highest ranked Indian in the CTC that got over almost a month ago now. So other than the world top 3, 3 Indians get Tapa books as prize too! Cool huh? Apparently this is the cover of the books :










I must say I really like the idea of a “land of Tapa” as such that the cover depicts. Honestly,  if Serkan weren’t Serkan, that’d be the only explanation I’d come up with for the huge number of quality puzzles in those two months, that there was some place making Tapa puzzles like the North Pole has the elves and all that(yea, thats how much I’m shot up with the heat).

Thanks again to Serkan and Deb for the whole prize thing. Can’t wait to get that 🙂


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