Puzzle No. 129-131 : Yajilin, Tapa-Snake, Tapa

LMI April Sudoku test Killing time is there this weekend. Killer’s my favorite Sudoku type so I hope I do well! Also, nice to see Rishi back and an Indian authoring a test after a significant break 🙂

IB and submission link – http://logicmastersindia.com/M201204S/

The 3 puzzle post is for two reasons.

1. It took me till my 4th puzzle to create one that I felt was ideal to submit to my publishers.

2. I won’t be posting tomorrow. Mad weekend ahead.

On an unrelated note, I barely get time to post the puzzles, so anyone who wants to check the solutions and such can mail me at the id given in the “About the Blog” section and I’ll help you out.

Coming to the puzzles, the Yajilin is ok enough, I didn’t really get what I wanted there but it’ll have to do. The other two, I’m happy with the layout. I don’t know why but I really like to get equal sums here and there among the clue pairs and all… I should probably make some without this constraint, but heh.

All of these puzzles are rated somewhere between easy and medium so I’ll just categorize the entire post in both 😛

Puzzle 129 :

Rules for Yajilin.

Puzzle No. 129












Puzzle 130 :

Rules for Tapa Snake(I went back to the snake variations contest and noticed that this is indeed the name of this variant) – Draw a snake, that doesn’t touch itself even diagonally. Clue cells with numbers may not be filled in and tell the length of each consecutive black cell block in the eight surrounding cells. Two cell blocks clued by two different numbers must be separated by at least one white cell. The head and tail are given as grey circles.

Puzzle No. 130












Puzzle 131 :

Rules for Tapa.

Puzzle No. 131


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