Puzzle No. 123 : Tetris Islands

Another naming problem. Another one where I’m not sure if it already exists. Another one where I can suggest a change for future use – specify how many cells of the region make up the island. It can probably be taken as a Nurikabe/LITS variant anyway for now.

Rules :

1. Each region must have an island of size 4  cells. These 4 cells can occupy 2×2 regions too.

2. Draw a single connected area around these islands, such that the islands from different regions don’t touch each other(diagonal touching is allowed).

3. This area cannot occupy 2×2 regions fully.

Rated : Medium for starters.


Puzzle No. 123


2 comments on “Puzzle No. 123 : Tetris Islands

  1. Nice Variant,
    But due to restriction of 4 cell island and above that no 2*2 black cell,
    makes it very easy.
    IMO you can try making hard one or modify some rules or so (like dont define size of island etc)
    And i think it is more looking a variant of NURIKABE (Regional type variant or so) rather than LITS or HEYAWAKE although there is some resemblance .

    • Like I said in the post, I do have an idea to number the regions giving the size of the islands in the given region. Of course this was a first timer so you can only make such changes in hindsight, and I barely had time to upload it let alone change the idea. I’ll try changes in the future, definitely.

      With different Island sizes, symmetric regions is a possibility too.

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