Not today. Edit : Still No.

Update : Sorry about this, I’m extremely tired after college and all, so a little more delay. Its just the uploading that I’m not in a state to do right now :\ 

So, I’ve run out of ideas… on what excuse to give for not posting a puzzle today. I can say I have exams starting on Monday. I can say there’s been some issues on the personal side. I can say I have other important commitments. These are all true. But the reason is just that I have to choose which to put up here and which to send for something else. One thing I can assure you is, sooner or later you will see these puzzles somehow so you’ll be getting compensated with multiple puzzles on whichever day that is. Stay tuned, enjoy the weekend, and… come back in 18 hours, I might have something up 😛


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